We want to put a smile on a children´s face.




A child´s creativity knows no limits. Neither do we. We want a child to be amazed, astonished and entertained. At home, at a restaurant of on a vacation.

Kids Marketeers wants to leave a lasting impression with the children. This is achieved by giving our products a strong look and desirability, causing the experience to increase.

The Perfect mix


It all starts with an idea. Cohesion is needed to make this idea bloom towards a beautiful creation. A design does not simply consist of text, color and illustrations. Only if there is cohesion between these three, something beautiful will be created. The perfect mix tastes the best.


From strategy to realization


In addition to developing graphic designs, characters and/or illustrations, Kids Marketeers can help you, if desired, with several aspects like copywriting, photography and printing. We work one step at the time. First strategy, then creation, then realization. That’s how we get the best result, together with you.