About us


Kids Marketeers is the expert on innovative and well-thought-out concepts for children.

Our own publications contain beautiful illustrated fairytale books, story books, pirate books and the successful song books.


Besides our own publications, Kids Marketeers has a talented studio with hard working graphic designers and illustrators with many different drawing styles. That comes in handy, because Kids Marketeers is an expert if it comes to character design, restyling characters and expanding characters in the same style. Our illustrators have fun with creating and being creative and it shows in their designs. Of course the designs are adjusted to your target group and company.


In addition to designing, Kids Marketeers can help to create a surprising merchandise line and introduce this on the market in a successful way. In conclusion: nothing is too crazy for Kids Marketeers. Do you want to brainstorm about the possibilities? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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