What do we do


Expert in the field of innovative, well-thought-out concepts for children merchandise, own publications, characters, artwork:

Kids Marketeers makes it possible.

Song books

Sing, dance and read more about the most entertaining songs for children from the past and present. There are several song books: favorite songs, dance songs, animal songs, bedtime songs, party songs, birthday songs, Sinterklaas songs, bible songs and Christmas songs. Inside the books you find the lyrics, colorful illustrations and the matching cd.

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Kids Merchandise

Kids Marketeers helps you with creating a surprising merchandise line and helps arranging a successful launch on the sales market. From keychains to teddy bears, from story books to backpack: Kids Marketeers arranges it all. Would you like to design a friend book or activity book? Our studio and editors work closely together to create the perfect balance between text and image.

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Children’s books

‘Mijn Grote Sinterklaasboek’ is filled with short stories and games for children with the age of 8 and older. ‘Mijn Grote Sprookjesboek’ vol. 1 and 2. Contain the most famous fairytales, like Peter and the Wolf and Snow white, combined with beautiful illustrations. In ‘Mijn Grote Piratenboek’ children learn everything about real pirates. For the youngest children we publish fan-folded books and ‘Potjeskampioen’.

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Character Design

Kids Marketeers is an expert on character design: restyling characters and expanding existing characters in the same style. Our illustrators master several drawing skills and styles. They can’t wait to get to work and would like to help you with the drawing style that fits your target group and company.

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